About us


Teach in Asia has three heads of department:

Meena Thonkhong-Hamilton Head of Placements, and our Thai-English speaking representative and coordinator for the teachers placed in Classrooms throughout Thailand

V F Briars Head of HR, and Recruitment of NES Teachers. Responsible for matters of recruitment and staff training courses, provision of teaching aids, lesson plans, and teacher support.

Paul Philip Hamilton Head of company finance, contracts, seminar and advertising budgets and Director of Teach in Asia.


Our NES Teaching staff


Our Data-Base of staff consists of more than 100 fully trained and qualified English language teachers, the vast majority from NES countries such as the UK, US and Canada, some from Australia, others from New Zealand with a few with qualifications from South Africa that are also accepted as belonging to the NES family. 

                We only include only those that exhibit the qualities required to enhance the learning of your students.

Our Filipino Teaching staff

Not to be overlooked are the diligent, qualified and professional Filipino Teachers that we have on our data base. Our experience confirms they always prepare meticulously for their lessons, and are well liked by students.

Teaching Methods


As always, our staff, under guidance, strive to use best teaching practices, lesson plans and follow the curriculum. They are knowledgeable of the modern teaching methods and base their lesson plans on ESA, PPP, etc. With lots of group project work in order to keep students interested and engaged throughout the school year.  

Our fees and invoicing

We invoice schools on a monthly basis in advance. The invoice is for the teachers' salary and includes our fee, this varies according to contract terms, we follow standard best practice as teacher employers.   



All Inquiries are treated with the strictest privacy